Wanting to get started on Keto??

Who we are
We are T.J. & Nicole Freeman and we are enjoying the keto life together, learning more tips and tricks every week! Combined we have lost over 115lbs and still losing! We are creating this quick start guide to share with friends and people we meet to give them a jump start guide to help them begin their own journey to health and weight loss. We have recently kicked off our shared Instagram page keto_gold to share more frequent updates and discoveries. Our daughters (10yr and 19yr) have also joined us on this journey and have each lost over 20lbs in about 6 weeks :)

What we eat
The easiest way I explain keto compared to just low carb is you still do a basic low carb style diet (LC) but also increase your healthy fat intake (HF) usually around 70-80% fat, 20-25% protein, and about 5% carbs. This is the basic principle behind a keto or LCHF lifestyle; I stress lifestyle because if you think of it as a diet and it isn't something you can maintain for the long term then you're more likely to fail or flounder. Success is built on preparation, planning, and support of your family, friends, and the social media community. 

Our basic grocery list consists of eggs, butter (normally Kerrygold), cream cheese, various cheeses (shredded, block, and sticks), ground beef, chicken breasts, bacon, pork (loin, chops, etc.), canned green beans, cauliflower, and broccoli (both fresh and prepackaged steam bags). Additionally we enjoy visiting Trader Joe's, Sprouts, and occasionally Whole Foods to check out new products and to try different meats or cheeses that we can't get locally. Aldi has some great options, many times at lower prices than larger grocery chains.

Our main meal is supper and we're usually in a hurry and needed something to help us make meals quickly... enter the Instant Pot! We purchased the 8qt Duo from Kohls for about $93 on sale and it is BY FAR the best kitchen purchase in MANY years. The IP community is HUGE now and we cook something in it almost every day. Things like whole head cauliflower, a dozen "boiled" eggs, pork loin, chicken breasts (can be shredded for taco meat), and even hamburger steaks... yes I was skeptical at first but they are AMAZING. 

Things we like
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